Woohoo! Graduation Night At Last

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As of last night, I am an official Level 1 Pole Dancer graduate… with a certificate to prove it! I can see you sitting there wondering why, what, huh? I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a heel wearing girl. Unfortunately my choice in journey requires not only wearing heels, but wearing heels that only the likes of Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker wear. Lucky me .

My first few attempts in walking gracefully more resembled a drunken sailor trying to get back on the ship and not quite making it. I knew I was in trouble and I quickly became desperate to find a solution. Enter the world of pole dancing. I began seeing online ads, magazine offers, and even the occasional infomercial on this interesting subject. It truly is not just for strippers! It’s actually a sport and, even more bizarre, fun to do!

After a quick search a couple months ago, I found a local studio that had just opened and was cleverly disguised as a pilates studio. A friend of mine was taking classes there and I noticed they weren’t pilates… eyebrows up! I jumped over to their website and discovered that they also offered pole dancing and burlesque classes and workshops. Considering that I had never walked in heels nor pole danced, I decided to sign up for a workshop to see if I liked it.

Everyone there was beyond friendly and went out of their way to make the students feel at ease while gyrating and lurching in front of others. It definitely helped that there was a student from one of the classes in the workshop so I had proof that coordination got better and relaxation improved. I was still hesitant when I signed up for the Level 1 class series but I threw caution to the wind and did it anyway.

There are several things I learned along the way.

  • I can walk in heels and do it gracefully for the most part. I still have to concentrate but I do it.
  • Pole dancing is fun and it’s a workout. My shoulders, abs, and legs hurt the day after.
  • The people who take pole dancing are a great bunch of women looking for something fun and unique to try out. Just like me!
  • I really enjoy pole dancing and I’m getting good at it for a beginner.

Thankfully this was the answer to my heel problem and also benefited me tremendously in my stage presence at competition. Not only did it help with the heels, it helped build confidence in strutting in public in a very small bathing suit. Bonus! Last night was graduation night and I was sorry to see it come to an end. I plan to sign up for Level 2 and take some open pole classes. Anyway I can burn calories and have oodles of fun at the same time works for me.

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