Squeezing In A Full Body Workout Takes Effort Sometimes

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Work has been crazy this week and we’re trying to get a huge project out the door. Such is life and I’ve been struggling this week to workout at lunch or even just to get away from my desk for a few moments. I didn’t want to spend the evenings at the gym instead of with The Kid, so I’ve done a couple garage workouts this week and adjusted my schedule a bit. There’s almost always a way to squeeze things in with a little effort.

I pulled out an oldie but a goodie workout that is simple to do brain-wise but is a great full body workout. Don’t you love those workouts that don’t require you to actually think? It’s designed to use a relatively light barbell but you could also improvise and use dumbbells in a pinch. I love the layout of the exercises since the bar ended in the perfect position to start the next exercise.

For example when I finished my last hang clean, the bar was already in place to start front squats. When I finished the push presses, I just dropped the bar behind my head for back squats. This really helped to keep moving since I wasn’t picking up or putting the bar down to adjust weights. I rested at the end of each round or when I needed to in later rounds. I breezed through the first 2 or 3 rounds and then it got hard.

Full Body Barbell Buster

It took me just under 20 minutes to complete and I definitely felt worked out. Do you have those days where you do everything you can to squeeze in the important stuff? Tomorrow has to be better. It’s Friday!

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