Running Is Fat’s Punishment!

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Last night I had my weekly weight and measurements with Adam and I am now officially down to 18% body fat, on the nose. So in the past 6 weeks, I’ve gone from 24.7% down to 18%. Not too shabby if you ask me. The most frustrating part though is that the scale is not moving! In that same time, the scale has dropped a half a pound. Yes, I understand that I need to ignore the scale and I do for the most part. Every now and then it just really jerks my chain. Last night was one of those chain jerking moments.

After I got off the scale, all I could see was anger. I had a brief moment of flapping around in a full blown temper tantrum at myself. It turned out to be a good thing for me though because I was able to use my rage for good instead of evil for a change. I threw myself 150% into my workout which was shoulders and back last night. My workout usually consists of circuits of three exercises each followed by a minute of cardio. I pounded the weight reps and ended up breaking some personal records.
I chose running a quick lap outside for my cardio and attempted to sprint to the electrical box and back each time.

Adam seemed shocked that I continued to choose the outside run instead of the usual stairmaster, given that it’s about 105 degrees outside lately. After my 8th round of running, he said that I could use the stairmaster if I wanted to. I replied “Running is fat’s punishment for being here. If it chooses to stay, it has to run!” He liked that reasoning and said he’s going to use that again in the future.

He also said that my body can’t hold out forever and he’d be really surprised if the scale didn’t move soon. Once I hit 17%, I get a cheat meal! If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. It’s like being given a huge choice. I have no idea even what I might have as a cheat. Do I go sweet or cheesy?! Do you have any suggestions? This is a reward that requires quite the planning. I don’t want to cheat and be disappointed. These don’t come often and it’s going to be great! Send me your ideas.

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