It’s Not Just a Quest, It’s Now a Project

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stick figure with barbellHappy July 4th! Today is a day to celebrate independence in the US. It’s also the start of a new project for me and I need your help. It was exactly a month ago that I competed in my first NPC competition so it seems fitting that today is the start of my journey towards the next one. As part of competition not only are you judged against other competitors, you can sign up to receive a critique of you, your body, your stage presence – the whole package. Believe it or not, I chose this option and got a critique from the judges. Trust me when I say that takes courage, but I really suggest you opt to get your own if you choose to compete. You need someone to give you an honest opinion in order to improve. Sorry, but your friends, family, and mirror are not honest opinions.

My critique was surprising in some ways. Dang, they actually liked my crazy hair and how I walked in heels. Never would have predicted that one! It also told me some things that I already knew. Yep, my lower half needs some more work. Agreed. Despite bustin’ it in the gym for as long as I did, I still didn’t have enough muscle. Keep this in mind when you worry that you’ll bulk up in the gym ladies. Ha, as if! Without muscle, your butt just kinda flattens itself out and that’s not a good thing. So the quest begins today for more muscle and the start of my project. The project I fondly call Project Bad A$$.

Now Project Bad A$$ is a fitting name in several ways:

  1. It’s not a simple task to build muscle. It’s a project.
  2. The goal for me is to build a butt for the first time in my life.
  3. With a bunch more muscle, I’ll be bad a$$.
  4. This is going to cost me a pretty penny to do (in blood, sweat and tears), but well worth it.

Back to how I need your help… Project Bad A$$ is a 12 week challenge for me. No, I haven’t picked a date for my next contest (yet), but 12 weeks is a reasonable time to give it my all and see some decent changes in my body. I will be posting about my challenge here, Twitter, and Facebook and I need you to keep me accountable. I promise to be honest about my measurements, what I’m eating, my workouts and so on. Hopefully you’ll be there to cheer me on and watch the progress. If I motivate you to start your own project, even better! Do it along with me and invite your friends. I can use the camaraderie and love workout buddies.

I got a workout journal to use for Project Bad A$$ and (perfectly enough) it’s a 12 week journal that is small enough to carry with me everywhere. It’s got spots for a weekly plan, goals, food, measurements, workouts, and more. I’m big on having momentos and things to look back on. This will be interesting to read later to see just how far I’ve come. I didn’t write anything down for the last year. I let my trainer do all that work so I’ve got no written record of my accomplishments yet. I’m working with my trainer later today and he’s going to do all my measurements and I will have my starting point set.

I’ll be using the tag #ProjectBAin my project posts on Twitter if you want to do a search. You can also use that tag if you want to join in and post your own stuff.

Are you going to join me? Let me know if you are and let the butt bustin’ begin!

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