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Early ChristmasDid Christmas come early to the Quest household? It just may have if you ask me! Last night I checked in with Trainer Man for my weekly weigh in, measurements, and workout.

My eating was great last week and I kept my calorie burn pretty high with yoga and home workouts. My measurements were down including an inch and a half in my backside! The scale was also down and I dropped 1.5% body fat. How’s that for kicking it up a notch and jumping back in to things? 😉

It was also my first real workout since the week of easing back in. By real, I mean that we didn’t take it completely easy and I was able to do my first chest/back workout. Trainer Man said we only needed to lighten the weights about 15% from what I was doing before the break. The strength should come back pretty quickly.

I tried hard and my muscles didn’t start really pooping out until the last set of exercises. My arms were shaking and I had trouble clenching to zip my sweatshirt to head home. That’s the sign of a great workout! Today I plan to reward myself with a quick Crossfit WOD at home (potentially a version of Fran) and my 20th yoga workout.

Great times! How is your week going? What workouts are you doing this week?


  1. Looks like you are making great progress. I have not hopped on the scale in about 2 weeks…I think it is time to take pictures and measurements again. I need to see some progress.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      I try to only get on the scale a couple times a week. I do pay attention to how clothes are fitting and take measurements weekly. The scale is usually all over the place for me. I don’t need the frustration. 🙂

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