Don’t Cry Over Dropped Leg Sets

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excusesWe have a new torture device at my gym – the leg press. There aren’t many machines at my gym since it’s old school, so I wasn’t familiar with using it before now. This is the machine where you sit in it like an astronaut awaiting blast off, and press with all your might to get the sled up off of your lap.

Isn’t that a picture, huh? Since Saturday was leg day, I got the joy of using this machine… and it made me cry. Literally cry. I’m in the midst of Project Bad A$$ and in order to actually build an ass, I have to do things that normal people wouldn’t do. So crying is apparently a part of that process.

My leg workout consisted of several sets of leg presses alternated with jump squats. Each set of presses got lower in reps and heavier in weights until a final stupid hard (my trainer’s exact words) set. This was set number 6 with the machine loaded up with plates. I had to do a drop set of 6 reps and hold while he took off a plate, then 6 reps and hold while another plate came off, and repeat until empty.

It was around plate 3 coming off that the gasping started. Plate 4 brought on squealing. Plate 5 started the tears and plate 6 actually made me scream. I sat for a minute or so after and sobbed into my towel. But I did it and finished the next half of the workout. Yes, that crying joy was only the first half. It was later described as BeastMode. I need a t-shirt with that on it. In purple, of course.

My trainer joked afterwards that he sounded like me the first time he tried that drop set. This got me wondering. Do guys ever cry in the gym? Do they sometimes want to cry but don’t because it’s not politically correct? I’ve heard them yell and make all kinds of noise, but never tears. Maybe they just cry quietly in the shower once they’re done.

I know guys are reading here so I’d love to hear your answer. You can even secretly email me at adriannec69 [at] gmail [dot] com if you don’t want to publicly admit it. I promise I won’t tell a soul. And ladies, have you ever cried? I don’t want to be the only one. I’m just grateful I was able to keep my breakfast down. There was a touch and go moment at one point. 😉

I’m still walking like John Wayne. xo


  1. I have cried at the gym! It happens during a leg or back workout when my lower back emphatically tells me, “No. No matter how badly you wish to do this set, it’s not happening. Not on my watch.” it is painful to do tough sets like the drop set you described, but I find it more painful to have the desire and determination, yet also have physical limitations preventing progress.
    Great Job, Adrianne!!

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      It wasn’t my first meltdown and I’m sure not the last either. This one was well earned though. I’m finally getting my mind right and pushing through instead of stopping to whine. That’s progress for sure! Go BeastMode!

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