I’ve Got Back And I’m Feeling It

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ab avi 7It’s like that song Baby Got Back. Only I’m talking about my real back and not the back that Sir Mixalot was talking about. šŸ˜‰ I’m feeling my back like you wouldn’t believe since I worked muscles there like I’ve not worked them before.

Last night was a really rough workout in the beginning. I was still extremely sore from the double workouts on Saturday. Thankfully I loosened up a little bit as I got into it. Trainer Man also didn’t make me bend over much and focused on shoulders and chest since my back was sorest. (Is sorest a word?)

It’s progress time again and here is the latest picture. It’s funny. My weight hasn’t changed this week even though I’ve been focused. My abs are looking harder and smoother than before but less defined. The obliques are definitely there and hardening up more than before. My arms, on the other hand, are rippled and beefy.

I think the arm changes are happening because Crossfit seems upper body focused and I still work arms and upper body twice a week with Trainer Man. All that is giving my upper half a tough week while the lower half only gets some light Crossfit and a big leg day. I’m definitely not complaining about the lower half. It’s just more of an observation about the awesome progress of my arms!

Slowly but surely there is progress and I’m thrilled. I’ve also foam rolled and used the lacrosse ball for massage two nights in a row now! That’s a record for sure. I think it’s helping too. At the very least it is relaxing to take a moment to just kinda lay there and roll around.

Can you see any changes in my progress pictures or is it all in my head? Are you taking your own progress pictures? How’s your week going so far? Fill me in on the latest happenings your way.

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