Welcome To The First Thursday Thoughts Post

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latteGrab a cup of coffee, since I’ve got a new feature for you! So I was thinking about stuff. Then I decided that I would call this post Thursday Thoughts. Maybe I’ll make it an every Thursday thing if I happen to have more thoughts next week. It’s probably more of a pep talk for me and a moment to ramble about stuff that’s on my mind. It’s also a chance for you to give me some advice.

With the stock market having issues like it is lately, I’ve been trying to think of ways to cut back on spending. One of the larger bills I have is my personal trainer bill. Don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE my trainer and think he is beyond worth every penny. I would never give him up completely, but I’ve been mulling over dropping one day a week and going to the gym on my own.

However (and it’s a big however) I’m pretty sure that I won’t do it. Yes, me. The fitness addict. I’ve been thinking about the why in all of this. Each time I go to the trainer, it’s a three hour adventure with driving there, warming up, working out, and driving back. THREE hours! My regular gym is right down the street. It would take maybe 90 minutes to workout. Half the time. Time is valuable to a single mom. Duh!

I’d save a bundle with just one workout on my own. I’m cheap and like to shop so no brainer there. I’ve been doing this for over a year now so I know what I’m doing in the gym. I have all kinds of past workouts written down. My trainer even said he would put one together for me each week to do on my own. I’d just have to follow it. It’s not even the accountability factor of having someone waiting for me.

I’m intimidated to workout in the gym even with all the pros listed above. There, I said it. Lifting weights in particular. I’ve taken classes there regularly for the past few months. I haven’t lifted a single weight though. The closest I’ve come is walking past the general free weight area and looking over at it.

Out of all the new things I’ve tried, I just can’t jump this hurdle for some reason. I don’t care if anyone watches me. It’s change that I hate, I think. The cardio machines are upstairs away from the weights, so how will I do my 1 minute of cardio between sets? What if they don’t have the equipment I’m used to? What if it’s crowded? What if the bench I need is taken?

Argh! All these what ifs rolling around in my head. My brain tells me just to do it and I’ll figure it out. Worst case scenario is that the workout sucks and I end up adding my trainer day back. I’m pep talking myself since I know this is not logical. It makes no sense at all.

I also wanted to put this out there since some of you who are new to the gym may be feeling the same way. Your reasons may be the same or they may be different. You aren’t alone. I’m right there with you. Maybe we can do this together. Virtual workout buddies!

Have you been where I am? Are you there right now? Wanna be my virtual workout buddy? I could use one. 🙂


  1. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun says

    Love the Thursday Thoughts idea. I always love just pouring out my random thoughts through the blog. So helpful sometimes. LOL

    And for your situation – I think you know that saving the time and money would be the most beneficial. Remember that it was probably an adjustment getting started with training to begin with. You can adjust to the new setup. I feel your pain over it…but if you feel it would be the best situatino for other reasons you have to go for it. Don’t let that fear hold you back. 🙂

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      You’re right. I’m going to try going first thing Sunday when it’s less crowded. That way no one will be in the way or using what I need. There’s no reason for my excuses! 🙂

      I love checking out your workouts. That plyo one was fun!

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