The Quest For Health Continues

On my quest for fitness, I’m always looking for great products that will help me along the way. I recently came across a great site called iHerb that carries over 1,000 different brands and 25,000+ products.  iHerb is the sole distributor of a product called CocoCardio™ from Madre Labs. What is this CocoCardio, you ask? Well it’s a premium, 100% natural […]

Just Like Popeye, I Yam What I Yam

Ever wonder how you’ll recognize me if you ever pass me out in public? It’s easy. I’ll be the one carrying a vat of raw spinach. Trust me, I stand out in the crowd with that in hand and you’ll have no problem picking me out. Can you believe that I used to eat fast […]

Forget the Drum Roll…

As I mentioned earlier this week, a group of mobile nurses came to work to give us a mini physical and blood work. I got the results yesterday and I actually gasped when I read the results. It was one of those moments where I didn’t actually believe the number, and I quickly sorted through […]

Seasickness And The Silver Shoes

I was walking Thing Two yesterday and I realized that it was the first time ever that a day passed without me seeing or talking to The Kid. They set sail Sunday evening and it was a day and a half before they were due to dock and she was going to be able to […]

Cholesterol Et Al

I had my annual physical done on May 5th and I am eagerly awaiting my cholesterol results. The first time I ever had my cholesterol tested was quite a while ago. I think I was 19 or 20 years old and had no cares about this health business. I was busy eating whatever I felt […]