Beer Braised Country Style Barbecue Pork Ribs

The Kid loves to get ribs when we go out to dinner, but have you seen the calorie content on those things?! A half rack of ribs can be well over 1000 calories without including the sides! They aren’t too difficult to make on your own so it’s definitely something to try if you want […]

Results Are In – The Taste Of Victory

What does victory taste like? Maybe it tastes like steak. I did it! Yesterday was Day 30 of the Whole30 challenge and I passed with flying strips of bacon. This is utterly amazing for me especially given my background with sugar addiction and eating disorders. I stayed strong for the entire 30 days although I […]

Halfway Through My Whole30 Challenge And Going Strong

Today is officially Day 17 of my Whole30 challenge. Yes, I know it’s a random number of days to post an update but it’s Friday so it seemed to work in my mind. Plus I had so much to say to you earlier this week that there wasn’t room to update you. Last week I […]

Life Is Not Always Without Challenges

Even if those challenges are self-imposed. Have you made any resolutions since yesterday? Is there anything that you’re planning to start come New Year’s or are you going to start now? I’ve been struggling lately with working out on my own. Not with motivation, but figuring out what to do and how much to lift. […]

If It’s Good Enough For Gronk, It’s Good Enough For Me

I’ve been asked several times recently “So why Paleo?” First off, I think I need to answer the question of what is Paleo. Basically it is following the eating habits of our ancient human ancestors, eating only what they would have had access to waaaaay back then. Mostly meats, veggies, seeds, and nuts. A little […]