Pursue Your Passion and Make It Happen

I’ve got on my bucket list that I want to write a book someday. Not just any book, but specifically a cook book. No small feat but hopefully more than just a pipe dream. As part of this month’s Even Happier Quest, I’ve been doing some research on pursuing my passion. OK, is it weird […]

Treating Myself For National Yoga Month

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month? First of all, I didn’t realize that there was a month dedicated to inspire and educate others about yoga. Secondly, I wonder if there is a dedication for every month in the year and I’m missing out on this knowledge. I have to research and figure […]

Embracing Change But Not Always All At Once

Today I made the decision to get a new laptop and work my into the latest technology. I spent most of today moving files over, having momentary panic attacks when I couldn’t find or install things, and just overall adjusting to change. It’s kinda like when you spend all day organizing your room and then […]

The Quest for a Soap Scum Remover is Over!

Do you hate soap scum in your shower as much as I do? I’m a dedicated clean freak as you know if you’ve read here for any length of time. I’ve even posted on trying to get past my weekly cleaning obsession and I’m making progress. I have a tip for you that you’re going […]

Klutch A Box For Dear Life If It’s From Klutch Club

Have you heard of those monthly “box” clubs? They seem to be popping up all over the place now. I used to be a member of Birch Box where they send you a monthly box full of beauty-related samples to try out. If you like something, you can buy it at a discount on their […]