The Power Struggle of the Wills

Weight loss along with many other things in life requires willpower… and goals and follow through, of course. When you’re faced with a challenge that gives you a choice between moving closer to your goal and moving further away, what is it that helps you make the right choice? Willpower, determination, stubbornness, insanity? Probably a […]

Come What May – The Biggest Adventure Yet

Happy May, everyone! I often talk all the time on here about my adventures with The Kid and the crazy things we’re up to as well as post recipes. It’s not often that I post something emotional but today is a perfect occasion. You’d never know it to have a conversation with me now, but […]

The Magical Powers of Three

I’m showing my age here, but does anyone else remember Schoolhouse Rock on Saturday mornings? I learned all kinds of multiplication, social studies, and grammar tidbits. One of my favorites was Three is a Magic Number. Yes, it is. It’s a magic number. I can even sing it to you if you’d like. Designers use […]

It’s Time to Lend a Helping Hand

I’m warning you in advance, this is going to be a long post since I’ve got a lot to tell you. As part of June’s Even Happier Quest, I’ve been working hard on the task to Make time For Friends. I took a couple painting classes this week and set a goal for myself to […]

Triumph Thursday and a Task for You

It’s interesting how life gives us little reminders to push our limits and try new things – if we pay attention that is. Sometimes we have to be forced into it kicking and screaming. Keep reading… towards the end there’s an assignment for you. 😉 The other day I was going through my June back […]