Project Abracadabra – This Is Where The Magic Happens

I’m now 11 weeks away from being on stage. I’m told that this is when all the magic starts to happen with my physique. I’m actually thrilled with the way I look right now so if we throw some magic on this, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand the excitement. I definitely won’t […]

Simple Side Substitutions That Are In Season

As of today, I am 11 weeks and 3 days out from walking on the stage. Please don’t forget about that 3 days because I need every moment that I can get. Even if it’s to calm my nerves. Now that we are under the 3 month mark, I’m having a brief freak out moment. […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 11, A Milestone, and A Recipe

I’ve wrapped up another week of workouts using 80% of my one rep max this time around. I struggled a bit towards the end of the week in my bench press workout. I managed the bench press just fine but when I tried to tackle the incline presses afterwards, I ended up doing the walk […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 10 AKA 5 Months Out

Another week of workouts are now under my belt. This week finished up 70% of my one rep max and I’m moving on again to 80%. That 10% sounds small until you get under the bar and have to lift it. Then you realize just how big 10% really is. Amazingly even though I’ve been […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 9

After last week’s discovery regarding the success of my squats, I decided to change things up a little bit with my workouts this month. I finished out 2 months using the same exercises each workout so it was perfect timing to make some modifications. I’m going to be focusing for a few months on hamstrings […]