Six Things To Consider When Deciding To Diet

When I was growing up, I always wanted a body like my Mom. She is 5’11” and usually weighed around 125 – 135 lbs – tall and thin. On the other hand, I was shorter and wider so I had to be content with the fact that I took after the other side of the […]

Is Your Fitness Program Measuring Up?

So you’ve started a new workout program and the first few weeks went great, then all of a sudden the scale stopped. Or worse, it went up! Your friends reassure you that it’s just muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t worry. But… How do you know? In a perfect world, we would all […]

Have You Ever Wondered Something And It Was Suddenly Answered

Soooo… How’s your willpower today? Are you feeling strong? I resisted bagels this week. Fridays used to be my favorite day o’ the week. I’d drop The Kid off at daycare (a few years back) or school then swing by Target on the way to work and pick up two chocolate iced kreme-filled Krispy Kremes and a venti […]

Does Drinking Impact Your Weight Loss Results?

The other day I got a DM with an interesting question. What are your views on drinking alcohol while training and exercising in general? I love answering questions like this and as you know, I’ve always got an opinion. It may not be the right one for everyone but that’s the fun part about opinions, […]

Life Is Not Always Without Challenges

Even if those challenges are self-imposed. Have you made any resolutions since yesterday? Is there anything that you’re planning to start come New Year’s or are you going to start now? I’ve been struggling lately with working out on my own. Not with motivation, but figuring out what to do and how much to lift. […]