Yesterday In A Nutshell

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Starbucks CoffeeYesterday was a crazy day! OK, yesterday was pretty much a typical day for me. I’ll give you a quick synopsis in pictures since I decided to document the adventure. It started out with a gift from the coffee gods in the form of Starbucks portable coffee that was left over from a meeting. What you can’t tell from this picture is that this was the worst… coffee.. ever. I had two sips, gagged, and decided no. For me to toss it, it must be bad. Know this.

Big GameThen I did a bunch of stuff in the lab and found out that some of the important technical stuff that I needed to work was not working. I changed plans and worked on Plan B instead. A vendor came in to demo some of their new products that are coming in the next few months. They brought along this friend with them plus sponsored a BBQ lunch for us. I had sliced turkey breast and a mountain of salad enough pickles to pickle my insides.

Fall Band ConcertI got home at last after work, walked Thing Two, tossed together dinner and ate it fast. Last night was the annual Fall Band Concert at school. The Kid plays the bass clarinet which is a cross between a clarinet and a saxophone. Since we had the band concert, I missed class two of crossfit fundamentals but I’m back at it tomorrow bright and early. I should have to miss more classes though. Just this one. I plan to do a WOD at home tonight with my barbell to make up for it.

I’m always impressed at how amazing these band kids sound during the concert. Not anything like I remember from being in band myself years ago. I’m not just saying that as the mom either. Our band is nationally recognized so others agree too. This is a nice bonus for parents in the audience to not have to sit through ear shattering nightmarish music playing. 😉

Next CheatAfter the concert, I finally made it to QT and got my coffee. I opted for decaf considering the hour but it was still good. While there standing in line, the frozen section caught my eye and I found my next cheat. Ben & Jerry, my two best friends. They have a bunch of new fall flavors. Schweddy Balls sounds delish but is hard to find around here.

Clusterfluff sounds like it will be quite the reward. I may even add chocolate sauce and cool whip if I dare.

How was your day yesterday? Have you tried Schweddy Balls or Clusterfluff? Or is there another Ben & Jerry’s flavor I must try? TGIF!

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