Welcome to Day 1

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Someone told me a while ago that I needed to blog. The person provided no reasoning behind it, just that I needed one because everyone now days has one and I was the only one who didn’t. I replied that I had nothing to blog about hence the whole no blog thing for me. He replied that once I started, I would quickly realize just how much I had to blog on a day to day basis. We will see if he was right. I will blog until I can blog no more.

So the official title of my blog is “Accidental Fitness Quest”. I can imagine you sitting there wondering why. It’s a pretty simple story. My entire life prior to the last 5 years or so was spent sitting. The most exercise I managed to work in was if I was forced at the holidays to park at the back of the parking lot at the mall. I followed every “healthy” eating trend that came along from eating only fat free foods, whole grains, and diet sodas to low carb and just drink a shake at every meal. I maintained my relatively slim but squishy figure throughout the years, so I felt that I was doing OK.

I also fell prey to all kinds of infomercials. I admit it. My name is Adrianne, and I’m an infomercial addict. I’m sure there is a recovery group out there somewhere for me. My low point was on vacation one time when I was up watching TV and bought myself a handy, dandy Smart Mop… on vacation. Any who, a few years ago I ran across an infomercial with a crazy, blond woman who was jumping and leaping around. The success stories, of course, captivated me as they are intended to do. Amazingly I managed to not attack the phone and dial the numbers.

I probably watched the same infomercial three or four times before I gave in. I got the DVDs and started working out to Turbo Jam. This was the first fitness thing that actually kept me going for more than, oh, a week. Since then I’ve gone on to try other things – personal trainer at the gym, cycling, weights on my own, running with the dog, and more. Due to my lack of coordination, I tend to workout at home or at least on my own instead of in a group/gym setting. There is much less humiliation invovled when you trip over yourself in your living room. The dog doesn’t even strain himself to look up and laugh.

I can honestly say that I do some form of exercise now just about every day. I didn’t set out to actually like it, but it happened. Therefore I realized I am on an accidental fitness quest. Convenient blog title, don’t you think? Since I spent the better part of four decades providing myself with every excuse in the book, I’ve told myself I can’t do it anymore.

There have been people along the way that have given me motivation. That wasn’t their intent, but they silently did it by just being themselves. The overweight, quiet guy who turned himself into an Iroman and triathlete. He didn’t do it for me, but jeez, what a motivation. The incredibly tall, loud guy who berated me on a daily basis and shot down every excuse I gave for eating the donut or being too tired to workout. OK, maybe part of me just gave up excuses to shut him up some days, but the end result was the same.

I’m now in the best shape of my life. I’m not where I want to be ultimately, but I’m on the way. If I can motivate others while I’m at it, that would be incredible. Me, a motivator. It will also be just fine with me if I end up one of those silent motivators that helped me. A motivator is a motivator, even if they don’t realize it all the time. So join me on my quest and one day, when you least expect it, I will blog the announcement that I made it. That I reached my goal at the end of the quest… and then I’ll set another goal.


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