The Quest For Health Continues

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CocoCardioOn my quest for fitness, I’m always looking for great products that will help me along the way. I recently came across a great site called iHerb that carries over 1,000 different brands and 25,000+ products.  iHerb is the sole distributor of a product called CocoCardio™ from Madre Labs. What is this CocoCardio, you ask?

Well it’s a premium, 100% natural (non-alkalized) dark cocoa beverage enriched with freeze-dried beet juice powder. It can be enjoyed on its own or added to a smoothie or shake recipe. I do love my smoothies and jump at the chance to try different recipes! iHerb has asked me to give CocoCardio a try and let you all know what I think about it.

Look for my review and a few concoctions that I come up with along with a special giveaway in the next week. If you can’t wait to try CocoCardio and you’ve never shopped at iHerb before, use coupon code PGS722 to get $5 – $10 off your first order when you buy CocoCardio.

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