Snap, Crackle. Wait!

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chiropractor-spineSome times you find out the strangest things by mistake. Since I’m always doing some crazy workout and I’m no spring chicken (cluck, cluck), I’m usually sore. The soreness varies and isn’t anything major even on the worst days. I walk funny after leg day. I snap, crackle and pop walking around. Meh, no big deal. Part of the journey.

The Kid has been complaining for a while now about her neck hurting. She slumps over a laptop or while working on homework most nights so I wasn’t really surprised. Despite my pleas to sit up straight, it’s been going on long enough that I made her an appointment with a chiropractor to see if anything could be done. At the very least, I was hoping he’d convince her to stop making that horrible cracking sound as she adjusted her neck on her own! May as well be fingers on a chalkboard.

While we were there, I figured I’d have him give me the once over. Two birds, one stone. I’m all for multitasking even at the doctor’s office. It’s also on my list of 43 Things To Do Before I’m 44. The Kid went first with all kinds of cracking, poking and zapping to “activate” muscles and such. It was interesting to see all that he was doing. He also did tell her to stop cracking her neck herself. Yes! Mom – 1. Kid – 0.

I felt silly when it was my turn and told him I didn’t have any symptoms and was perfectly fine. He had me twist and turn a few different directions to see range of motion. He measured things like the length of my legs and straightness of back. One leg is apparently shorter than the other and my back is crooked. Maybe my back is off because of my oddly short leg?! All kinds of things were going through my mind at that point.

You can’t just announce this stuff and expect me to not internally freak out a bit. He then had me lie face down on his table as he poked and prodded me. At one point he shoved on my back and there was noise as he popped things into place. Next he had me turn over onto my back as he sat at my head and massaged my neck. Suddenly he twisted my head and the worst cracking sound I’ve ever heard happened.

Yes, it sounds louder inside your own head but I was shocked momentarily and half expected to not be able to move. Afterwards the strangest thing happened. I felt all loose in the head, neck and shoulders. Like everything had been well oiled. There was NO tightness, no stiffness or soreness. Nothing! Just a sense of “Whoa! Look what I can do with my head now!” I guess I’d just been stiff for so long, I didn’t even notice it until it was gone.

We went back for our second visit this past weekend and it was more of the same, but a little less noise this time. The same sense of relief was there though. Who knew! I’m definitely glad I gave it a try even though it was purely by accident. I’ve read that it can help with all sort of things like allergies (fingers crossed), sciatica, ear infections, and other health issues that you wouldn’t expect.

I’m not saying everyone should rush out to visit a chiropractor, but heck I’m glad I did this even if I didn’t think there was anything to fix. Another thing crossed off my list. That feels almost as good as my neck. 😉 Have you ever seen a chiropractor? Did it help for anything you weren’t expecting?

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