The Great Cinnamon Roll Caper

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Fun MemoriesShe didn’t set out to instill a love of cooking and baking in me. She was just spending time with me and doing something she loved at the same time. We didn’t realize it since we were just having fun and enjoying things in the kitchen, but we were creating memories that will last long past today. Thankfully I have thousands of these memories.

I have her Better Homes and Gardens cookbook with notes. I have a set of well worn Revere Ware copper bottom pots and matching mixing bowls from her. I use them daily. I have a horribly tacky and fancy silver spoon that she used every holiday to serve jellied cranberry sauce from the can. You’d slice of a piece of the goo with the round flat spoon. I use that at holidays… with my own homemade cranberries.

She’d get a kick of out of me making my own and using her spoon. She’d love that I bake and cook and tell our crazy stories. OMG, the one with the bunny and the one with the flying butter. I’m laughing now thinking about them. I have to tell you about them someday. In the early hours of this morning, my grandmother passed away peacefully at the age of 95. So today I have no recipe, but I have an oldie but a goodie to share.

I’ll call it the Great Cinnamon Roll Caper. It describes our relationship perfectly. I had her fooled for years. Sorry, Momoo. 🙂


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