There Is Rest For The Weary

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Since I’ve kicked it into high gear the past few weeks for Project Bad A$$, I realized that I haven’t taken an official rest day in well over a month. That’s not good. I’ve worked out and burned my 500 calories plus every day and have had terrific results.

I’m also pretty darn tired. I decided to actually take a rest day this week. I didn’t do any form of exercise at all for an entire day. I forced myself to rest and kick up my feet. There wasn’t even walking of Thing Two involved. He was quite disappointed and gave me the eyeballs all evening. I did my best to ignore his steely gaze.

Rest days are pretty important to take every now and then, otherwise you could end up overtrained and do damage. It helps with motivation as well as gives your muscles time to rest up and repair themselves. It also helped me relax enough to sleep a bit better than I have been lately.

I have terrible insomnia from time to time. I fall asleep just fine, then I wake up around 2 am and my mind starts going. Suddenly I’m wide awake and twiddling my thumbs. Yes, I stop all caffeine around 3 pm at the latest so it’s not that. Who knows but I have to learn to stop my brain. 😉

The rest day helped and made me feel like Superman again. Do you take rest days? If so, how often?

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