Relaxing Rituals Are Perfect For Sundays

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magazines in bedFor as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten up before the crack of dawn on Sunday. No, it’s not to workout or to do anything. Just the opposite. I wake up, get my coffee, and head back to bed for magazine reading and mindless infomercial watching.

Actually the TV is pretty much just background noise and I don’t really pay much attention to what’s on. I channel surf sometimes and just relax. It’s my one morning a week that I get to do this without interruption or worry that I have to get anything done or be anywhere (like work!).

I look forward to this morning so much that I almost always wake up without an alarm earlier than I do the entire rest of the week. I read through my foodie magazines and cookbooks for things to try out. I ponder recipe modifications and how I can change them up. I flip through workout magazines for the latest and greatest.

Ha, I now read Muscle & Fitness and Reps instead of the girlie Shape and Fitness. I didn’t even bother renewing my subscriptions for those. Have you seen the teeny little weights those women lift?! I could bench press those skinnies for sure now, even while they’re holding their weights. By the way, little weights like that don’t work. You may as well just lay in bed and read the articles. 😉

I think it’s important to have a ritual like this to give yourself time to think and rest just a bit with no other obligations. It’s something to look forward to as well as well needed for a recharge. Yes, type As with bad ADD tendencies can relax if they try really hard.

Do you have any rituals? How do you relax?

PS – I found a bunch of new recipes that I’m dying to try out. Look for them soon!



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