When The Going Gets Tough, What Do You Do?

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Dreams and GoalsHow are you doing on your goals for July? We’re heading into the home stretch so you should be thinking about your goals for August while checking on your progress for the last month. Don’t forget to update your progress pictures and measurements! I’d love to hear your results. I’m already planning some fun stuff for us for August. 😉

As you can tell, I love goals. Setting them, working on them, and of course reaching them. I’ve done a few posts on setting goals and also on breaking down barriers to reaching them, but what do you do when your motivation starts to wane? Or maybe the motivation is there, but for the moment the going is really hard and you want to give up.

We all reach those points regardless of what the goal is. The trick is to make the goal yours – own it. Yes, I know you’re sitting there saying that it already is yours. You set it so naturally you own it. Sometimes it’s not enough to want it and write it down. To make a goal really truly yours, try involving as many of your senses as you can when visualizing it. Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Stick with me while I explain.

Let’s pretend you want to get healthy for a special occasion like a family reunion. Close your eyes and imagine. You haven’t seen these relatives for a long time. What are you going to wear? That awesome dress that hasn’t fit for a while or maybe a suit that’s collected dust in the back of the closet. Get it out and run your hands over the fabric. It feels nice doesn’t it. Now go put it on, hear the sound of the zipper sliding as it easily closes this time. It’s been forever since you didn’t have to inhale and hope it zipped.

Check yourself out in the mirror and strike a pose. Whoa, you look awesome! Spritz on some perfume or aftershave, and let’s get going to the reunion. You get there and walk in. Everyone turns to look at you in amazement. Maybe some of them don’t even realize it’s you! You see the wide-eyed looks on their faces as they suddenly realize and come over to tell you how great you look.

You feel so proud of the hard work you put in and the way you feel not only in this moment, but every day. You have energy and a huge sense of accomplishment. You stand up a little straighter and have a big smile. It was rough getting here, but you keep moving forward and working hard. The feeling is humbling and exciting all rolled into one. Can you imagine that? 🙂

This is the kind of process that you should go through when setting your goals. It doesn’t have to be fitness or health related to work. Maybe it’s getting a certificate or degree, or going on a vacation of a lifetime, or retirement to a beach or in the country. Close your eyes and imagine specific details of reaching the goal. That’s what will help to get you through when the going gets tough. Refer to these thoughts when you feel like you can’t go on or you want to give up. It works.

It’s been a wild week around here with lots going on. In case you missed anything, here’s what happened:

I’m looking forward to some new workouts for me this week and trying out some new recipes. What are you looking forward to?

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