Simple Rules For Life

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Rules of LifeLife often isn’t as complicated as we tend to make it out to be. We get overwhelmed in the details of figuring everything out. It really is as simple as this, but many of us fall short on one or more of these basic needs each day. Our bodies don’t need fancy food and supplements designed to burn fat and whittle our middles.

We don’t need high tech exercise equipment that mimic walking through sand movements or vibrate to burn thousands of calories in no time at all. We don’t need sleep number beds or Egyptian cotton sheets. We just need the basic food groups, bodyweight exercises, and a dark, quiet place to lay ourselves down and rest at night.

Most of all… we need to be kind to others and ourselves. No negative talk, no examining body flaws, no nitpicking. I’d say this rule alone would probably go a long way towards helping us achieve the other three. The more we take care of ourselves, the better we feel. The more we care about ourselves, the more we want to take care of ourselves.

Make it your goal to implement these rules as best you can and take time to just breathe and enjoy it. No stressing, no over complicating. You only live once. Make it the best time ever!

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