What’s The Magic Word? Do You Remember?

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Even Happier QuestPssst! Guess what! I’m on vacation this week. I haven’t had time off in what seems like forever… to me at least. It’s been since June so that qualifies as forever. I have so much to catch you up on about this weekend. The Kid and I had tons of fun. Since I don’t want to write the world’s longest weekend recap post bore you to tears all at once and today is The Happiness Project day, I’ll focus for now on the Even Happier Quest and sprinkle in weekend recaps throughout the week.

I’m still all warm and fuzzy from last week’s task to Give Positive Reviews and I’ve been putting this into practice. I think this just might go down as one of my favorite items for the year. I hope you’re feeling the same way.  We had an amazing experience at the theater the other night when we went to go see Breaking Dawn – Part 2. There were probably, oh… a bazillion girls in the theater that night. OK, maybe closer to thousands but still a crap-ton.

The theater was so well organized. We didn’t wait in a line anywhere and everyone was calm and smiling. Service was impeccable and the food was affordable and great. That kind of experience absolutely deserves an email of praise so it’s on my list for today. Did you have a company go above and beyond recently or do something out of the ordinary? Make sure to tell them. I bet they’d love to hear what they’re doing right.

With the holidays fast approaching, there are all kinds of ephemera floating around with jokes about the holiday spirit. Throngs of angry crowds fighting over TVs and toasters while being thankful, and other funny but really not so funny realistic scenarios. These kinds of things definitely create challenges in Keeping a Contented Heart.

This is the month of Thanksgiving here in the US and we take a day to dedicate to football and food being thankful. It’s important now to take more than just a moment in a day, and Use Good Manners every day. It goes beyond the obvious result of just being a good person. Have you ever been grumpy all day? You’re tense. You get short with people. You huff and puff while waiting in line. Not only does it NOT help your happiness any, but it’s exhausting too. You get to the end of the day and just want to crawl in bed.

It seems the obvious answer but doing the reverse, and using manners and going with the flow has the opposite effect. Being polite and saying your please and thank yous does wonders for your mood and the mood of those around you. I’m talking real please and thank yous with direct eye contact. Not the kind where you mindlessly say it when a server refills your water and you don’t even look their direction. That kind doesn’t count. Say it like you mean it. <Insert Mom voice here.>

Yes, it may take a bit of remembering and effort on your part at first. That effort isn’t huge and it doesn’t take a time commitment. The reward in the improvement of your mood is well worth it. Plus there’s the added benefit of improving the mood of those around you. You could start a whole happiness trend!

And now for the recap of last week, here’s what went on:

I hope you have some time off planned for this week. Or at least some time scheduled to relax and unwind even if you’re working. Have a great Monday!

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