Mission Impossible or The Impossible Dream?

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For a while I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another contest. With the success I’ve had lately on my Whole30, I’ve been pondering timeframes at last for the next one. There are two possibilities this year June 16th and September 8th. I keep flexing looking in the mirror to see how much muscle I’ve got and June is out for sure for figure class. Not going to happen with this scrawny body, ripped or not.

I asked Trainer Man if he thought it was possible to be ready for figure by the September date. He said I’d be ready for bikini for sure but it will be a stretch for figure. I’m still about 10 lbs short on muscle to stand a chance. I trust Trainer Man when he says this because he definitely knows his stuff on what is needed. I’ve worked so hard to move up that I don’t want to go back to bikini.

I did some research and found out that a woman can gain about a pound of muscle per month at the most. Let’s do some math. It’s mid-January so that gives me about 6 and a half months of hard work. In a perfect scenario I’d get 6.5 lbs of muscle, BUT there’s at least 2 months of cutting that takes place to lean out for contest.

Progress 010811That brings me to under 5 lbs of muscle between now and then… at the most. I’ve made a decision though. I’m mentally going to move ahead as if this is possible. I’m setting a goal for figure class on September 8th and I’m going to lift my heart out as if I’m doing it. Maybe, just maybe, mindset is half the battle.

If I make it, think of the feeling of accomplishment that I did the impossible. If I don’t make it, I’ll end up with an incredible body by then. It’s a no lose situation any way you look at it. So please think “Grow, muscles, grow!” when you think of me. I could use all the mental help I can get.

I checked in with Trainer Man this week and am still holding strong. My picture this week shows a little more progress and definition so I’m sticking to the workout plan. I’m changing my macros a little bit to shift towards less fat and more carbs to try to fix my low energy problem.

The calories will stay the same, just the ratios are changing. I’ve forgotten how tasty butternut squash and sweet potatoes are. Thank goodness I stocked up on my fancy ceylon cinnamon and a couple other varieties for the carbalicious occasion.

Have you done something that you were told was impossible? I’d love to hear your story as a confidence builder.

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