The Good, The Bad and The Facepalm

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Happiness ProjectI had to put some deep thought into this week’s activity to boost energy in the Even Happier Quest. A couple times this month I struggled with frustration. I was coming to the end of my 30 day eating challenge and frustrated with the scale not moving like I wanted. The mirror not looking like I wanted. Change wasn’t coming fast enough. Argh! Have you had those days weeks?

I wallowed momentarily with a lot of whining going on in my brain. I decided to take a step back and try to look the situation from a different perspective – Think Positively! Just about every situation has a negative and a positive way of seeing it. You can focus on one or choose to focus on the other. Yes, it’s a choice.

If you focus on the negative, sometimes it’s hard to see the good things. Suddenly your mood starts to head south and you find yourself grouchy and sitting on the sofa. This isn’t a situation that boosts energy or makes you happier. Positive thinking though gets you excited, happy, and ready to face challenges head on. I’m King of the World! Sorry, Titanic moment there.

I looked at the cold, hard numbers sitting in front of me and face palmed. I posted one day about the impossible goal of gaining a pound of muscle in a month, then was beating myself up for not changing fast enough. Lightbulb moment. It turned out I had almost reached that impossible goal and gained .8 lbs of muscle in 28 days! Time for a celebration if you ask me! All that wallowing and I had almost missed it.

I’m going to make an effort to lighten up and focus on the positive in situations. If I find myself grumping in a negative way, I’m going to consciously stop it and brainstorm until I find something positive. It doesn’t matter how big or how small that positive thing is, just that it’s there and I’ll find it. Soon enough it will become habit and I won’t have to consciously think of it.

It’s funny. I’m able to do this flawlessly with The Kid already. I ask her what the best part of her day was and the worst part. It’s interesting to hear her pre-teen perspective. When she comes home after a bad day, we talk and I show her the good side of the situation. It’s time I do this with me.

What is your task this week to boost energy? Are you able to look for the positive in a potentially negative situation?


  1. Suz (@smacks_em) says

    Have I ever had those days/weeks? HA! You personally helped pull me through one this weekend, so yes – I most definitely have.

    My task this week:
    I told you that I was going to re-evaluate my goals, etc. and yesterday, I did. Unfortunately, with all that negativity still taking up a significant amount of space in my brain, it was a difficult task, so I will re-evaluate my re-evaluation over the next few days. The long and short of it is exactly what you said above: I am so incredibly hard on myself.

    Case in point:
    If a friend had come to me and said “I have finally broken through the barrier on the scale and it was super anti-climactic, and I didn’t realize I had no goals after this”, would my reaction be to say “suck it up and keep going, idiot!”?? No. I would lovingly support and encourage and congratulate, suggest a celebration weekend and then have them refocus efforts the following week. I don’t know why I think that I deserve any less.

    So….I’m going to go easier on myself 🙂

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      You did great! Instead of keeping it to yourself, you tweeted and we were all right there with you. It’s strange reaching a goal and then finding that weird feeling behind it. I constantly have to have something new lined up to keep that from happening. Coming to the end of the 30 days definitely caused my mood last week. I’m so glad it’s gone.

      You definitely have a bunch of us that go through the same struggles. Now we can all look on the bright side together. I’m excited to hear about your new goals. Let me know what you decide is up next!

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