Triumph Thursday and a Task for You

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It’s interesting how life gives us little reminders to push our limits and try new things – if we pay attention that is. Sometimes we have to be forced into it kicking and screaming. Keep reading… towards the end there’s an assignment for you. 😉

The other day I was going through my June back workout. Since we are midway through the month, this was the third time I was doing it. I have my binder with spreadsheets to keep track of the weights I use, number of reps, and make notes. Go lighter, perfect weight, used dumbbells instead of cables, etc. So I knew for the first two back workouts this month I used a 40 lb barbell for one of the exercises.

Triumph ThursdayIt was the last exercise in the workout and the weight seemed tough enough to me since I was pretty tired by that point. I went to get the barbell Monday and it was gone, in use by someone else. I spied the guy using it and gave him the mental evil eye and sighed.

I didn’t want to go lighter for sure, so I grabbed the 50 thinking there was no way I was going to get all the sets and reps. Surprisingly, it was really hard and took focus but I did it! I would not have even tried had my usual weight been available. Small victories make us realize just how much we can do if we just push ourselves a bit.

Since I’ve been asking the question “What was the best part of your day?” lately on Twitter and Facebook, I’ve been seeing all kinds of happy happenings going on. Some small and some huge. I’ve also gotten a few emails this week with great news from friends who are having their own victories and pushing outside their comfort zones.

The motivation and excitement that I’m getting from reading the posts and emails is contagious in my own life – not to mention a huge mood booster. I wanted to dedicate a day to celebrating these happenings and I’m calling it Triumph Thursday! If we all share in the moments, it’s contagious and carries over into our own lives.

Here are your instructions. Post a comment below about something great that happened to you this week. It doesn’t have to be big as the little things count too! Something good that you didn’t expect. Something that made you smile. Something you never thought possible but actually was. Exciting news that you got. A challenge that you were surprised by but looking forward to accomplishing.

Share the news here because I’d love to celebrate with you and you just might touch someone else’s life without even realizing it. Once you’ve posted, hit one of the share buttons below to share your triumph with friends and encourage them to post their own.

This was my little victory this week. It’s your turn to post. Now go!

PS – I usually don’t post this early in the day but I wanted to have an entire day for Triumph Thursday. If you’re interested in Wednesday’s workout post, you can find it here.

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