Maybe I Am Artsy Afterall

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Funny story of the weekend – Yesterday was leg day and I planned a finisher of sprints on the treadmill supersetted with glute bridges off the end of the neighboring treadmill. It was kind of busy but I managed to find two treadmills together that were unoccupied. I ran my first sprint then jumped off the back and got on the floor to do the glute bridges.

I left the treadmill running so that I could jump back on and repeat the set a few more times. This poor man came rushing over to help me when he saw me at first because he thought I’d fallen off the back! He realized what I was doing and we had a laugh. I appreciated his thoughtfulness for sure. I could see how he jumped to that conclusion with me huffing and puffing on the floor like that.

Art-JournalThis morning with my extra hour, I decided to get lost in Pinterest. If you’ve ever poked around on there, you know how addicting it is and how you can get lost for well over an hour. I was beyond thrilled to find a pin that linked to a website that had tutorials on putting together an art journal! I’ve wanted to create an art journal forever, but I’ve never been able to find inspiration or known exactly what to do.

No more. This site was wonderful and had ideas and even a list of things to start with for the very beginning beginners (That’s me!) So… tah dah… I created my very first page in my art journal. It’s a mess but that’s what it’s supposed to look like. Randomness across the pages and bright cheerful colors. Mission accomplished. I was surprised at how easy it came together and think I’ve found a new hobby outside of the gym.

In case you missed any of the excitement this week:

I’ve got a great recipe coming for you this week. I posted a sneak preview picture of it to Facebook and Twitter tonight. It’s really easy and tasted great. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got tons of relaxing and fun stuff squeezed in.

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