LOL, ROFL. It’s Not How You Spell It. It’s That You Do It.

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Can you believe we only have 2 months left in the Happiness Project?! I’ve enjoyed it more than I expected (how ironic) and will be sad when it finally comes to an end. I definitely have my favorite months and even favorite weekly tasks in some of the months. The holidays are fast approaching and usually our schedules get filled with list making, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, and parties on top of all the usual stuff that fills our days.

Even Happier QuestTrying to get it all done means tension and stress for many of us just when we need to feel relaxed the most. The focus this month is to Keep a Contented Heart instead of stressing and pulling your hair out. A study done by Shawn Anchor of The Secret to Happy Work showed that your brain performs up to 30% better when you’re feeling happy. Who couldn’t stand to have their brain performing up to 30% better – both at work and obviously at home. I’ll save my 30% for outside of work hours. 😉

Laughter is of course one of the keys to happiness. Not forced laughter like at a bad joke, but real laughter. It lowers your blood pressure, helps with stress levels, and it can even work your abs pretty well if you laugh often and hard enough. Maybe we should call it 6 Pack Laughs. This week the focus is to Laugh Out Loud. If a situation gets bad, find something to make you laugh. If something funny happens, laugh at it.

You can find humor in just about any situation if you choose to look hard enough for it. I used to dread doing anything out of the norm at the gym. I was so intimidated when I was starting out and even up until relatively recently. I never imagined that I’d have the nerve to actually get on the floor and do hip thrusts glute raises in a crowded gym. Not only did I manage it but when someone thought I’d flown off the back of the treadmill while doing them, it ended up being a good laugh.

The Kid and I have a “thing” we do every time this song comes on the radio.

She immediately turns up the radio wherever we are. I sing lead while she sings back up and handles the rap portion. We’re rather like that dance scene from Friends where Monica and Ross worked for years on a choreographed dance just in case the perfect moment came. We’ve not only got our singing down pat, we’ve got hand gestures to complete the act should the perfect karaoke moment arise. We laugh like fools when we finish and joke about what other people think when they see us driving down the road.

Make that your goal. Laugh loud. Laugh often. Be happy!


  1. My oldest son often tells me, actually too often, that I need to laugh more. I try to, even if overwhelmed with EVERYTHING. I also try to focus on what I can do, not on what I can’t.

    Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday!

    • It’s definitely hard at first but I’m hoping it will become a habit for me. I love that your son reminds you. My daughter does that too and it always works for me. Ah to be a kid again when things were so simple and laughable. 😉

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