How Low Can You Go?… In Your Squats

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Black-Dress-PaintingThis week I decided to take an impromptu painting class at the studio that I’ve been to before. They do an amazing job explaining how to paint even for those who have no artistic talent whatsoever. (Raising my hand!) I can’t even figure out how they manage this but I’m definitely grateful.

This time we even had to draw our own dress from scratch and it still turned out pretty well. I finally have a painting that is worthy of being on display. I have it up in the kitchen over the refrigerator where it blends well with the colors in that corner. Viola! I can’t wait for another class.

Yesterday was leg day and since I’m still working on fixing my problem, I put full effort into my workout. I started with lunges, then supersets of squats and single leg deadlifts, then stiff leg deadlifts with rounds of hamstring curls and step ups, and finished up with squat jumps and box jumps.

I’m really working on my squat form, and plant my feet firmly and squat below parallel now. I’m sure the neighbors wonder at times what I’m doing in the garage with all the noise, clanging and grunting going on. Today I am walking like an old man as reward but hopefully soon I’ll have the backside of a twenty year old. 😉

In case you missed any of the excitement this week, here is what happened:

I definitely need to try some more donut varieties. The ones I made were great! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with the same weather we had here. I’ve been going through some recipes and dreaming up some new ideas to try this week. Hopefully my experiments turn out well and I can share.

Did you do anything big this weekend?

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