Does Drinking Impact Your Weight Loss Results?

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The other day I got a DM with an interesting question.

What are your views on drinking alcohol
while training and exercising in general?

I love answering questions like this and as you know, I’ve always got an opinion. It may not be the right one for everyone but that’s the fun part about opinions, right? 😉 Here’s mine on the subject.

Tequila and VodkaI enjoy a beer or a glass of wine from time to time. My absolute favorites are the girly drinks like the chocotinis and crantinis. I envision myself drinking them with my pinky up. Hence my creative collection of cake flavored vodka, blueberry rum and so on.

If your goal is fat loss, then I really suggest you should avoid drinking if possible. Actually this rule applies to just about any liquid with calories – sodas, juice, lattes, coffee creamers, alcohol. Alcohol isn’t the only one being bashed here. All of these liquid calories either replace calories you could be eating or worse they get added in addition to food calories.

When you are trying to lose fat, you’ve cut the amount of calories that you are used to. Your body isn’t always thrilled with this idea and makes you hungry to convince you to eat more. If you drink part of your calories then the chances of you getting hungry are increased. Think about it. A beer is in the ballpark of 150 calories. Which seems like it will keep you full longer – a beer or 5 cups of broccoli? Hint: it’s not the beer.

Some margaritas can be around 700 calories each! Yes, I know they’re great. It’s entirely possible to drink two of them with dinner. There goes most of your day’s worth of calories down the hatch along with your hopes of fat loss. I choose not to drink most times because I’d rather just eat my calories. It’s more convenient for me that way and I’m selfish when it comes to food.

And now for the real danger of drinking… If you are like me, having more than one drink (even just two) lowers your willpower enough to decide that a plate of nachos followed by several fajitas, a pint of ice cream, and a tube of oreos isn’t really that bad of an idea. In fact, it makes it seem like a brilliant idea at the time. Not so good for the waistline whether you are trying to lose fat or not.

On the upside when you rarely drink, you usually drink less because you feel it more. One glass of wine nowadays and I’m ready to hit the sofa for a nap. Seriously. I start yawning halfway through and am no longer the life of the party. If you still have doubts, listen to one of my favorite Brad Paisley songs. I love the lyrics and laugh every time. 🙂

Does drinking make you eat strange combinations? What are your thoughts on drinking and working out?



  1. I Agree! Especially since I’m a cider girl, which has lots-o-sugar in it….. I’ve been trying to cut back to a glass or two of wine a week instead.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says:

      As soon as I’m done with my eating challenge in about 10 days, I plan to have a small glass of red wine and a piece of chocolate cake! I’ll always love my fancy “tinis” though. Dang those are so good and come in hundreds of girly flavors.

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