Cow Massages and Friday Night Dinner Fun

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Do you have non-holiday traditions at your house? The Kid and I still do Friday Night Dinner every week. I can remember the very first one too. It was the Friday after she came home from the hospital and funny enough it was at TGIFridays (in Columbia, MD where we lived at the time). I remember it clearly because she slept through the entire thing.

The restaurant was so loud with music and activity and with her sleeping, my father tried to convince me that she was deaf. He couldn’t comprehend that the term “sleep like a baby” could be true. So the tradition has survived well over 13 years now with only a few Fridays missed when The Kid has a sleepover or vacation with Grandma. I personally have not missed a one. Just sayin’. 😉

This week her restaurant of choice was Fuddrucker’s. If you have one near you and you haven’t been, go today and get a burger. Maybe their cows get special massages. I don’t know what they do, but they are the best ever in my mind.  I got the kid’s burger meal which is what I always get. It’s the perfect size burger and you can pile it high with veggies at their “veggie buffet” of fixins. I wasn’t in the mood for fries so I opted for what was called fruit on their menu.

I expected the typical grapes, strawberries, and melons that are standard fruit fare in restaurants. I got this…

Fruit Cocktail

… This is not fruit. It was fruit at one time, but can no longer qualify. Mushy, sugary, lumpy meh! It was also that strange yellow. The picture above is not edited for color. The Kid ate the obligatory cherry that was inside and the rest was left untouched to most likely survive for years in a dump somewhere with Twinkies and other stuff. Lesson learned, sometimes you just need to get the fries. 😉

The burger was perfection as usual. I piled it high with lettuce, tomatoes, two kinds of pickles, pico di gallo, and onions. I even made an extra side salad with all of these too. Afterwards we drove over to the mall to check things out. It’s been forever since going to that mall and it was a nice to just stroll and window shop. I will confirm for you now that there are special mirrors and lighting is everything.

We walked into a dressing room that had soft lighting behind the mirror and non-florescents above head for a lovely glow and … holy crap … the angels began singing as I looked at myself in that lighting. I kid you not that the cellulite melted away, I looked well rested, and my muscles rippled. The Kid had to endure a few minutes of watching me flex and pose from every angle like a muscleheaded lunatic, and I had to endure a few minutes of “What’s wrong with you, Mom!”

I immediately closed my eyes and wished hard for a personal entourage to walk with me everywhere I go with special mirrors and lighting so I could look like this all the time. I do not look like this in normal lighting. It has not come true yet though. Sigh. I resisted the siren call of their mirrors and didn’t make the purchase either. I’m sure they were put there to make us fall for looking awesome and buy tons of clothes from this place. This isn’t my first mirror rodeo!

What are some of your traditions? And have you ever been a victim of the Mirrors of Awesomeness? Happy weekend. Mwah!

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