Another Weekend Reluctantly Ends – For Both Of Us

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We’re wrapping up another busy week here at the Quest Household. The Kid summed it up best.

“Every weekend is so much fun that I don’t want it to end.”

It was bittersweet to hear in a way. I often wonder if she has fun with me and all my antics and craziness. She answered my question for sure and made me happy. I feel the same way though. I hate for it to end each week and for us to have to go back to work and school. Ah, such is life. 🙂

Week in ReviewIn case you missed the fun and excitement, here’s what happened:

Again we got a lot done. I’m starting some new workouts for April and am made some great progress in March. Progress is always great in my book! I still haven’t done my taxes thought. Ugh! I’m running out of time and promised myself that I’m doing it this week. Period.

Was your week as fun as ours? I hope so.

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