Who can make the sun rise…

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Sprinkle it with dew. Cover it in chocolate… OK, I’m sure you know the rest. That song makes me smile every time I picture Sammy Davis Jr on Sesame Street in his top hat singing away. I was thrilled last night during Willy Wonka The Musical when they broke out into that song! I’ve been singing it all day since it pretty much sums up the mood of the day. Tappity tappity dance.

It was an awesome day here in Quest Land. I was so excited for the day’s adventures that I woke up before the alarm at 5:30 and decided to get up and get cardio out of the way. Willingly! After a short day at work, I got to leave early to meet a very special friend that I’d never had the joy of seeing face to face before. She is going on vacation and I was lucky enough to get her on a connection through Dallas.

More on this meeting in a future post. It’s so exciting it deserves its own post plus a pic to document the event. Afterwards I made it to the gym for back and abs during a major thunderstorm. I was definitely glad I was inside for that one. Since I was working my schedule organization big time yesterday, I had The Kid with me. I parked her in the lobby with her phone and her book while I blasted through my workout.

She got the opportunity to look around and asked me if she could be added to the membership. How cool is that? We made it to Friday Night Dinner at California PIzza Kitchen which is always sure to please. I love that they have the Just a Taste menu now with smaller portions of things. I makes my life a bit easier and less fraught with a food frenzy waiting to happen.Injury

When we finally arrived home, I was greeted with my brand new, fancy dancy grill… in a box that The Kid and I could both fit into. Waiting to be put together. I didn’t put it together but managed to get the box into the garage with a minor two-finger injury.

I plan to put the grill together this weekend and celebrate Mother’s Day in style. My Rachel Ray grilling issue is at the ready and I’ve got Meatapalooza plans for Sunday.

Do you have big plans for the weekend? Are you going to be grilling out virtually with me?


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