Tutus For Run Number Two!

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The Kid at Color RunAs you know, The Kid and I ran in our very first 5k this past weekend. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t boring. It really just confirmed the fact to me that I need something to do to keep me entertained while running if I am to run. Otherwise I hate running because it bores me.

I was also excited that I was able to run and carry on a conversation with The Kid and didn’t end up gasping for air. I did pretty much no training for the run other than the sprints I do several times a week. The sprints must have done something because my fitness is definitely there.

The really cool news about all this is that The Kid had a blast too and wants odd 5k runs to be our thing. I say odd 5k runs because she doesn’t like running much either unless there’s a gimmick. She suggested we find one race a month to do and we could even make a quilt out of the t-shirts we earn!

We have officially signed up for our second race in March! Next up is the Firefly Run. This one is in the dark with glow in the dark tape, paint and other accents of choice. The Kid asked if we could do this race wearing tutus and of course, I agreed. I’m that “grown up” adult that looks for any excuse to wear tutus, tiaras, and sparkle glitter. So YES, I will absolutely be wearing a tutu. I may forgo the tiara this time. In the dark, a tiara may make me overdressed. 😉

We will be making our own tutus so stay tuned for progress and color choices in tulle. I also found great website that lists upcoming runs in Texas by month so we can plan out our next races. There’s even a hotcake run coming up. I can pretty much endure any distance of running if there’s hotcakes waiting for me at the end. How about you?

Do you enjoy running? Have you found any unique 5k runs to do?

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