Produce Surprises On A Sunny Saturday

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French ToastSaturdays are seriously my favorite day of the week. I wait all week for Saturday to get here. I have to get up and burn 1000 calories to start my day off right, but after that it’s all downhill. This morning I swung by the IHOP and got French toast. I stayed sane with my choice too and got the egg substitute, turkey bacon and whole wheat French toast. Oh was it good!

It even had nanas on top that blended perfectly with my blueberry syrup. It was so worth the 15 minute wait for my table for one. The turkey bacon was not actually blue. It just looks that way from the sun shining in the window. I would have eaten it anyway even if it was blue. 😉

On another exciting news front, The Kid and I bit the bullet and joined the produce co-op! I hemmed and I hawwed on my decision to join. Apparently I have produce committment issues even though I eat a field full of veggies each week. Today was our first pickup and I decided to start with a half share of produce to see how much it actually worked out to be.

The half share is approximately 15 lbs of locally grown, organic fruits and veggies. It’s going to be different every week depending on what is in season and what is available. I think starting next time, I’m going with the full share since this looks to be snack sized for me. Hee hee. This week we got:

  • Co-op ProduceOranges
  • Strawberries
  • Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Beets
  • Cabbage
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Broccoli

I’m so excited that I finally joined. The best part is not knowing what you’re going to get and then planning recipes to try out the goodies. I know what to do with just about everything but the cabbage. I can toss that in a stir fry but other than that I’m not sure. I’m not a cole slaw eater so I need to do some googling.

Have a wonderful Saturday! If you have a great cabbage idea, let me know!

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