Magical Caticorn Moments

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Pearl Latte Foam DesignMemorial Weekend has arrived at last! It’s hard to believe the year is just about halfway through. Being the cheapskate that I am and enjoying the benefits of the sister company of my employer, I frequently use the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble as my very own personal library. I purchase books from them so they do make money off me, but I always read my magazines there while nursing my other addiction – half price coffee. The best of both worlds in my mind.

I was reading D Magazine’s Best Of issue the other month and was enthralled by a new form of art called latte art. Apparently they have contests across the US and award large sums of money to the barista that makes the most ornate design in the foam on the top of a latte. Most of the contests have the rule that you can’t use any instruments to form the art. Simply pour the milk from the frothing picture into the latte. It happened to be that one such local place has award winning latte artists. Pair that with a special secret latte recipe, and you’ve definitely gotten my full attention. Enter The Pearl Cup and their Signature Pearl Latte.

I recently found this new website called Living Social which is pretty cool if I say so myself. Each day there is a highly discounted offer that you can purchase for major cities like Dallas, Austin, DC and others. Being the hermit that I am and trying to expand my horizons, I thought this site would be ideal in convincing me to travel outside my tri-city range. Wishful thinking for the most part, but lately The Kid and I have been adventuring further and further. Imagine my delight when mid-week, the Living Social deal was for none other than The Pearl Cup! Sold!

We combined our latte adventure with a shopping foray at Northpark that put a huge strain on the Mastercard auth servers. I picked up two new outfits at Lululemon to motivate myself to continue my fitness journey. I have to say if my butt at this stage looks this good in my new shorts, hold on to your hats when I meet my goal people! I don’t know what their proprietary lulon material actually is, but it should be a requirement for all clothing manufacturers. The world would be a much happier place.

Now on to the latte! After the article’s recommendation, I had to order the Signature Pearl Latte. I did ask to make sure that it was a latte that they could turn into art. Thankfully all of the lattes were eligible for creativity. It was probably the best latte I have ever had, no lie. It’s a top secret recipe that they won’t divulge and I carefully watched the barista for any clues, but I got nothing. The most intriguing part about it was the caticorn that came in the foam on top. What is a caticorn? It’s a cat with a single horn, silly. A magical cat in a magical cup of coffee. Combine that with a vast array of vegan pastries and cookies for The Kid and we couldn’t possibly ask for more.

So far, our adventures beyond the tri-cities have been quite successful.


  1. well, I don't know anything about catacorns, but I do know that I agree with you about the lululemon's lulon fabric. I think my DH would prefer to buy me workout clothes over lingerie. And I'm good with that.

    I'd like to see them make a jackalope out of froth…. I may have to venture to the Pearl Cup once this whole contest thing is behind me!

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