The Best Week Winds Down With Exciting New Promises

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Vegan BBQ Sandwich Yesterday on the way back from our cowboy adventure, The Kid and I stopped by one of our favorite restaurants. It’s a vegan restaurant smack dab in the middle of Cowtown called The Spiral Diner. The place is amazing and I had the best BBQ sandwich I’ve had in a long time and it didn’t even have meat!

I’m going to try to recreate it this week but with real meat. I’ve actually been craving another one all day today. Thank goodness I don’t live within walking distance of the diner or I’d be deep in vegan trouble. I also had a hot cookie sundae for dessert with vanilla i’scream, a snickerdoodle, hot fudge and mini chocolate chips.

See what I mean about being in trouble with this place nearby? You must promise me you’ll go if ever in Dallas or Fort Worth. There’s one in each city. In case you missed the tons of fun this week, here’s the lowdown:

One more week of work and then it’s Spring Break. The Kid and I have a tradition of taking a bunch of day road trips for the week and spend it exploring new things. Dying for it to get here, but at least I have this week to plan.

What do you have planned for this week? Ready for the next accomplishment in the Even Happier Quest?

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