Trading My Viking Helmet In For A Tie Dye Shirt!

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I think I’ve brought up my dislike of running before. I really don’t like running. It bores me for some reason even if I have music to keep me entertained. I admire those that do like running. More power to you! I try it every now and then just in case I’ve changed my mind. Nope.

I start clock watching, thinking about my feet hurting, my knees feeling sore. I must have been running now at least 10 minutes. Wait, it’s been less than 2! Oh gawd, how on earth can I keep this up another 30 minutes. I’m never going to make it through this torture… BUT give me something to do while running and it’s a whole nother story.

Warrior DashThe Warrior Dash was awesome. I scaled walls, army crawled under barbed wire, jumped over fire all while running a 5k. I also got a really cool furry Viking helmet with horns. Now you know the real reason I ran the dash – the helmet and the mud. I love sprints because I run all out for a minute before jogging. It gives me something to do focus on instead of monotony. The time flies when I’m doing sprints.

I found the most perfect thing to give a try! I’ve never heard of it before. The Color Run. OMG.OMG.OMG.Oh.Em.GEE. It’s a 5k but you get splashed with a different color every kilometer. You start out with a pristine white shirt and volunteers douse you with a designated color of paint every kilometer marker until the color celebration at the finish line. How cool is that!

Plus it’s for charity which makes it even better. I signed The Kid and me up for the local Color Run in a couple weeks and I’m so excited. This will also be my first event shared with The Kid. She’s going to run with me! That alone makes me smile with excitement. We’re going to be a team! Hopefully I can convince her to continue doing things like this with me.

If there’s a Color Run near you, sign up. If you’re in Dallas, come join us! Have you ever heard of the Color Run or done one? Or if you know of any other races like this, let me know. I need something to do besides running while running. 😉

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