I’m Adrianne and I’m a Sugar Addict

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Interesting, I posted a poll on Twitter and asked which was more hardest to be consistent – exercise or eating right. Every single answer I got was eating right. I guess people aren’t so different after all. The other day I was having a conversation with someone that didn’t realize that I am a sugar addict. They only know the current clean eating me. Once an addict always an addict, right?

krispy kremeI’ve mentioned it a few times on here about my old breakfast habit of a venti white chocolate mocha (full fat with whip!) and two chocolate iced kreme filled Krispy Kreme’s. And that was just to start the day with. It didn’t improve from there. I think for a lot of us getting on the health wagon is a struggle – an exercise in giving up sugar in some form.

If you had asked me at the start of my quest, I’d have told you there is no freaking way that I’m giving up sugar. Nope, not a chance. I managed to and honestly I really don’t miss it much. I wanted to share my experience if you’re thinking of cutting back, trying to cut back, failing to cut back on sugary foods. You might be different but maybe it will help.

  • I did it cold turkey, weaning myself off didn’t work well. I cut out as much as possible and it sucked for a couple weeks. I really wanted cookies, cupcakes, pie, anything baked. I rode it out and the cravings lessened quite a bit.
  • I stay away from artificial sweeteners. I find that a sugary taste makes me crave sugar. If I avoid that taste, I forget about it. Seriously.
  • If I decide to have a cupcake or something sweet as a reward, I do it once a week or so. If I have a bite here or there every day, I start to build up a tolerance and it takes more cookies to kill the craving. Sometimes I get a little lax on the eating and suddenly I realize that one cookie doesn’t do it anymore. That’s when I know I have to get back in control.
  • Nothing is off limits. If I want something sweet I know I can have it. I make sure that what I choose is totally worth it. If I want a cupcake, I get THE cupcake flavor I want. I don’t just get any old cupcake because it’s there. If I take a bite and it’s just meh, I don’t keep eating it.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed eating all kinds of goodies while on vacation last week. I had vodka infused ice cream (!), macaroons, and God’s gift to the donut universe. BUT it was spread over several days and not all at once. All of my treats but the donut were very small sized and plenty to thrill me. Plus I was able to get right back to eating right once we got home without feeling letdown.
  • I usually don’t want something sweet unless I see something sweet. If there are goodies at work, I remind myself of this and it helps. It gets so much easier as time passes. I promise.

Honestly I don’t feel like I’m missing out or deprived of treats in any way. People aren’t really designed to eat that amount of sugar. Every now and then I get something sweet like a glass of juice or a mocha. I’m shocked at how sweet it is and usually don’t finish it. A few bites of a cupcake or cookie, eaten slowly is wonderful. I don’t have to eat the whole thing now to be happy. In fact, if I do I get a stomach ache.

I now get excited over a bowl of berries sprinkled with cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa or a square of dark chocolate. That’s what dessert is right now in fact. Oh how times have changed. I’ll always love the taste of baked goodies and sugar, I’m not insane. I’ll always have a special love for Krispy Kremes. Damn, you donuts! I’m just happy that it takes a lot less to enjoy it now.

Do you have any tips of your own to pass along?

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