On A Quest For My Missing Mojo

This past week or so I’ve been blah. Yes, blah. I’m stuck in limbo for right now since I’m not officially cutting and I’m not trying to build muscle. I’m just in this holding pattern called limbo. My motivation has been severely lacking which impacts my energy and hunger. It’s time for the latest progress pic […]

Uh Oh, I Missed Again But It’s No Big Deal

It’s that time – new ab avi! After the weekend with crossfit and leg day on the same day, my poor body is really aching. My lats are dying from all the pull ups and my backside is not happy from the leg presses. Even just pushing on my lats hurts! That being said some […]

No Physical Progress But There Was Mental Progress

Guess what time it is! That’s right new avi time. Given that I had a pretty major cheat this past weekend, I wasn’t expecting the numbers to drop this week. I was surprised though that they didn’t go up. That’s right. I stayed exactly the same in the body fat pinching. It’s nice to confirm […]

Ah The Elusive Number 13, Again

As promised, here is the weekly progress picture on the six pack quest. It’s also my new twitter avi. If you’ve been following along, you know that yesterday was weigh and measure day with Trainer Man. I was aiming for lucky number 13 this week and was pretty much on track. Then suddenly I got […]

Missed By A Hair, Or A Millimeter

Last night was my weekly weigh and measure day. Thirteen percent body fat was my goal that I hoped to reach. Even 13.9 would have been fine, so I thought lucky number 13 all afternoon. As a female, once you hit 14% or so the going gets a bit tougher and you really have to […]