Gazpacho – A Dish Best Served Cold

I don’t know why but the story I’m about to tell you makes me laugh every time I think about it, but for a strange reason it just does. The other day I was at the gym doing my usual thing. There was a guy near me that was using the lying leg curl machine. […]

Colorful Cod Soup – Carrot and Broccoli Versions

How much of what we eat do you think is out of habit? Until I made a conscious effort to stop, I used to come home, put my stuff down in the kitchen, and grab 2 or 3 cookies from the pantry. Once I made the effort to pay attention, I realized I never really […]

Fish Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce

I think the only thing that I like more than Mexican food might be multitasking Mexican food. I’d never actually had a fish taco until I moved to Texas, as ironic as that sounds. Yes, I grew up on the East Coast right there next to the ocean practically and never had a fish taco. […]

Steamed Cod With Fennel and Oranges

Do you eat fish at your house? We tend to eat fish a couple nights a week. Not so much for any health benefits, but because we like it. Yes, The Kid prefers her fish in stick form but she’s also perfectly happy eating it in other ways. Maybe it’s because we’re originally from the […]

Seared Sea Scallops with Grilled Summer Veggies and Beurre Blanc

As you know, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Being the single mom of an unemployed young teen, I don’t typically get taken out to dinner on Mother’s Day. I’m not complaining because 1) I can always take us out if I wanted to and 2) I hate the thought of eating out with huge crowds and […]