Once Again Klutch Club Delivers All Kinds Of Goodies

Today was like Christmas came early at the Quest Household! I got home and waiting for me in the mailbox was the latest issue of Clean Eating. Right on the cover is the most delish looking recipe with shrimp and beef tenderloin all rolled into one. I don’t even need to crack open the magazine […]

Can You Give Something Up And Be Happier?

December brings the last month in the Happiness Project. I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year already but I’ve had a wonderful time trying out different ideas. I was excited this weekend when I sat down to read what was in store for December to wrap things up. Instead of adding something new […]

How To Keep The Momentum Without Giving Up

I was at the gym yesterday for my usual workout and it was packed. I’m assuming it’s that ole “OMG I ate myself silly and now I need to workout like a crazed person” phenomenon. This thinking comes in many forms. There’s the post-holiday version, the New Year’s resolution version, and even the newbie exerciser […]

Finding My Mom Mojo Today With Some Exercise Tips

As part of my mission on the Even Happier Quest to pay more attention during October, I’ve been working on being more mindful about what I’m feeling during my workouts instead of always relying on my heart rate monitor and aiming for a goal number. It matters just as much to push and challenge myself […]

Welcome To Friday. Let Us Rest.

When you workout hard several days a week, it’s important to take a rest day to give your body and muscles a chance to recover. Challenging workouts stress our muscles and create small tears in the fibers. That’s why you walk funny and have trouble picking up a cup of coffee after a particularly hard […]