Change Is Hard But You Are In Control

A lot of times we talk about change. We plan to change. We make diagrams on what we need to change. Some times we already know what we need to do without having to plan. Then we stall and don’t change. All talk, no action. I’m the first to admit that change is hard. I […]

Four Ways To Enjoy Vacation And Not Undo Progress

Summer is time for vacations, road trips, and fun stuff with the family. It’s also a time when people begin diets with the intention of looking good for vacation, and then fall apart and undo everything while away. The plan doesn’t always start out that way either, but often the mindset changes and becomes “Well, […]

Finding Balance With Life, Health, and Moderation

When Patrice started with me, she was interested in losing weight and looking better for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. She had an erratic schedule with her desk job and a busy social life along with it. Like many of us, she had lost weight in the past and then regained it when life got busy […]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

When working with my nutrition clients, eventually I get asked a question like “This week I have an event. Is it OK if I have a piece of cake, a glass of wine, pasta, or <insert food of choice here>?” My answer 99% of the time is “Yes, go ahead.” If it’s over the phone, […]

Do you think you’ve got a diet mentality?

To be a successful dieter and lose weight, you pretty much have to learn to ignore your body’s signals of hunger. Your stomach growls, but it isn’t dinnertime yet. You can’t eat now or you’ll have hours of hunger before bed to get through. So you guzzle water and pretend it’s not happening. If you […]