Archives for October 2016

Double Chocolate Protein Waffles

Have you seen all those recipes for protein pancakes? They can be great if you appreciate them for what they are and don’t try to compare them to say… IHOP fluffy pancakes. Those they are not. It’s kinda like a veggie burger is awesome unless you’re attempting to tell yourself that you’re eating a real […]

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Yesterday was one of my favorite kinds of days. It was a baking kind of day! It started out with a cooking class at a local foodie store. I learned how to make french macarons! They were so cute and tasted great, and I had a blast. I’m definitely going to play around with some […]

Budget Your Treats Like You Budget Your Spending

It’s pretty much common sense to create and follow a budget when you’re learning how to live within your means. You set your spending, write down your must-pay bills, and then check out what you have leftover to spend on splurges. If you’re like most people, you look at your splurges and realize that you […]