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Portable Powercakes Chocolate Chip Muffin

Have you seen those cute little muffin mixes in a cup? There are a few brands out there like Flap Jacked Mighty Muffins and Kodiak Cakes Minute Muffins. They come in a cup, you add water and microwave. How easy is that? Not bad if I say so myself, except not every grocery store has them. Also […]

Ladies Who Lunch – The Key To Long Term Weight Maintenance

When I was growing up, my grandmother used to brunch and lunch with the ladies. It was a big social event for her and on brunch days, she’d hold off on breakfast so she could eat with her friends and chit chat. Three larger meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner while socializing and enjoying the […]

Beet Edamame Salad

Springtime means lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Citrus fruits, beets, and all kinds of spring lettuces are in full bloom in the grocery stores. LOL, do beets bloom? Interesting question, but since they’re in season that means you can find them very cheap and take advantage of them in salads, soups, and all kinds […]

Spicy Korean Veggie Burgers

This past weekend was Mother’s Day and The Kid asked me a few weeks ahead of time what I wanted. After some careful thought (AKA about a 10 second pause), I told her that I wanted to make dinner with her. I loved all those summers spent in the kitchen with my grandmother, so spending […]