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Hawaiian Teriyaki Bowl

When I think of Hawaii and luaus, I think pineapple, soy sauce, grilled veggies… Doesn’t everyone think of Hawaii and luaus in their free time? 😉 As the fifth bowl in our Bowl Week theme, I went with a Hawaiian theme for fun. Just like the other bowls, there is some overlap in the ingredients […]

Mexican Taco Bowl

Remember those pinto beans, corn, and browned ground beef from the Southern BBQ Bowl the other night? What about the leftover kale that you chopped for the Thai Peanut Sate Bowl? Don’t let them just sit in the fridge. Let’s take a virtual trip to Mexico and turn those leftovers into a Mexican Taco Bowl! […]

Thai Peanut Sate Bowl

So many bowls so little time? LOL, there’s just something about creating your own dinner mix that makes it fun. Like the Mongolian grills like Genghis Grill where you shove all the veggies and meats you can in a bowl, mix it with a sauce, and they whip it up for you. Kids love Make Your […]

Southern BBQ Bowl

This week’s dinner theme is based on the quick and easy Dinner Bowl concept. The first one was the Korean BBQ Bowl which had a bunch of Asian flavors mixed it. Today’s recipe is another take on the BBQ flavor but this time brought to you in Southern style with vinegar-based barbecue sauce, spicy beans, cole […]

Korean BBQ Bowl

Trying to eat healthy or diet while feeding a family can be a struggle for many of us. One of the most common questions I get is how to make fast, family friendly meals that work for everyone without making each person a different meal? After all, who has time to be a short order […]