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A Different Approach To Your New Year’s Goals

Since this is THE goal setting time of year, I know many of you are working on listing out your health and fitness goals. Some of you may create vision boards or dream boards. Others will make sure they are SMART goals. Some will be simple lists, and others more elaborate. It doesn’t necessarily matter […]

A Day Of Meals For Busy Days

This week is a weird week for everyone. We finished one holiday and it’s that not quite a “real” week before the next, but we at least need to give the illusion that we’re putting effort in at work. We’re busy making New Year’s plans. We’re probably tired of leftovers. We’ve got stuff on our […]

Indian Curry Lentils

The other day I was at the grocery store and needed something easy for lunch when I got home. I grabbed one of those cup o’ soup type things because it was cheap and fast. It fit the bill for exactly what I needed. It was a lentil curry mix and it turned out to […]

Dairy Free Lofthouse Style Cookies

Have you ever walked into the Walmart or Target and seen those sugar cookies that are frosted with the bright colored icing and usually have themed sprinkles? The cookies are delish! They are soft but not crumbly. Not chewy or crunchy, but more melt in your mouth yummmmm. The frosting is perfection as well. You […]