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Fall Butternut Lentil Salad

Have I mentioned lately that I love my spiralizer? No seriously, like LOVE love. I use it all the time to make zucchini noodles and even the occasional yellow squash noodles. Side note: If they call zucchini noodles zoodles, are squash noodles soodles? Things that make you go hmmmm. Anywho… I saw a recipe in […]

Red Onion Focaccia Bread

Every Sunday I run the race of the Farmer’s Market so that I can get the heck outta there before they bake the cinnamon rolls. Some days I make it and others not so much so I stand and inhale the smelly smell. The smell of baking bread is divine! Once you realize just how easy […]

Moroccan Lentil Salad

It’s always fun when you end up with a salad with lots of colors and flavors. This one ended up rather rainbow-like with the purple onions, orange carrots, green cilantro. You could even take it further and throw in red tomatoes, lucky charms marshmallows… oh wait! Even I’m not crazy enough to do that. Just […]

Healthy Eating On A Budget And Without Wasting Food

Sooooo… if you’re not following me on Facebook, you may have missed the latest. I’ve started making videos to answer some of the questions I get asked. Sometimes a Facebook post doesn’t do it, and sheesh there’s no way I can squeeze me into 140 characters on Twitter. Video it is then, and so far […]

High Protein Alfredo Sauce with Mushrooms

I’ve done a few experiments in making dairy free alfredo sauce. I gave soaked cashews a try which resulted in a subtly sweet variation, but wasn’t bad. I also tried a cauliflower variation which was lower in calories, and closer in flavor. I skipped posting that recipe for you because it was a bit watery […]