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Sometimes Success Means Moving Up To The Big Weights

MP is an online training and nutrition client located in Minnesota that first contacted me because she was interested in getting back in shape. She wanted to be “strong and fit” to quote her, but she didn’t have a gym membership and needed home workouts. I created her nutrition program based on her goal to lose […]

Grip Power Pads Giveaway! (ENDED and Winner Announced!)

Some people like lifting “old school” and just use their bare hands or chalk. I’ve never liked doing that. Sometimes the friction of the barbell and dumbbell just hurts the skin on my palm. No one wants pain, not to mention that I really don’t like the idea of the skin toughening up. So I […]

Shredded Kale Slaw with Warm Miso Dressing

The other day I wanted tacos, but not just any tacos. I was in the mood for something a little bit different than just chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and salsa. Since I love Asian food, I decided to go with an Asian taco flavor combination. Is there such a thing? I wonder if they have tacos […]

Radish Rhubarb Spring Slaw

Today many of us are celebrating Easter or some variation of the holiday. At times, I celebrate Greek Easter (since my ex-husband’s heritage is Greek) which usually falls on a different day than the other Easter. Most years I celebrate the Christian Easter. Whichever one I celebrate, there is almost always lamb involved. I love […]